Welcome to Twink!Jared Club!! A club dedicated and devoted to young Jared Padalecki! ! !

How do I join?
Well, Dezzy, that sounds way to easy!

But it’s just that simple, dear follower!!!!11!! After you follow us, and reblog this post, you just have to sit back and wait! Elle and I want this post to get around 70 notes before we start picking members! When this post hits 70, we will pick the first three members, and then five every week there after, until we run out of people to pick!!

Other Information

If you are selected to join Twink!JaredClub, we will make you an icon and you will just have to provide us with a description! Upon being selected, you get a promo from the both of us!!! Also, you get your icon/description put on the TwinkJared blog! Which is here!!111 (It may still be under construction!) You als oget to be best friends with us and get to tag your edits/posts with #twinkjaredclub and we’ll reblog everything!! So get reblogging, dearies!

oneetreehiill requested peyton + nathan
“Nathan, I’m proud of you. You’ve turned into the guy I always knew you could be.”